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I consider myself a visual storyteller. There are so many great tales out there just yearning to be told. In San Francisco, the heart of the tech world, there are hundreds of startups with powerful figures and brilliant ideas that need that spark to jump ahead of the pack. 

That's what I bring to the table. 

I bring out the stories that are yearning to be told. I help businesses reach audiences in a personable manner through the power of photo and video. So much can be spoken through an image, and even more so through video. I can help you achieve your goals through convincing dialogue with your consumers and investors. 

It's hard to say it better than this video by Inside the Edit:

When I'm not in my studio, I'm acting as the Features Editor for Fstoppers.com, a photo and video website started by two of my best friends Lee Morris and Patrick Hall. What started out as a tiny blog with the seemingly unreachable goal of becoming a true source of information, has since grown into one of the most popular photography websites in the world. It's been a heck of a ride, and one that has been truly memorable.

I am based in San Francisco, CA and travel often. I'm extremely active on Facebook and Twitter, and you can reach me any time at (831) 710-0074 or email me at jaron[at]fstoppers.com, I'm always online.  MY RATES