I am a cinematographer, timelapser, DOP and internationally published journalist based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. I consider myself a visual storyteller. There are so many great tales out there just yearning to be told. In San Francisco, the heart of the tech world, there are hundreds of startups with powerful figures and brilliant ideas that need that spark to jump ahead of the pack. 

My clients include Lowepro, Phase One, HD Supply White Cap, Luxury Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, SmugMug and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. I have produced content for Adobe, Lara Jade, Benjamin Von Wong, Blair Bunting, Michael Kelley and a host of other industry professionals. My work has been featured multiple times across major outlets including ABC Network News, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Gizmodo, DP Review, Popular Photography, Resource Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, Telegraph UK, Jalopnik, and many others. 

When I'm in my studio or on location, I'm acting as the Features Editor for, a photo and video news and educational website started by two of my friends Lee Morris and Patrick Hall. What began as a tiny blog with the seemingly unreachable goal of becoming a true source of information, has since grown into one of the most popular photography websites in the world. It's been a heck of a ride, and one that has been truly memorable.

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EDITOR TOP PICK: "Amazing video shows what happens when a normal man gets to fly in a Thunderbird F-16 - and his reaction is ASTOUNDING." -Daily Mail

"Incredible footage" -CNN

"The most alarming video of the week" -ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

"The video may not make you feel better about your days taking school portraits of bratty teenagers, but it will at least give you a look at some of the crazy places photography can take you." -Gizmodo Reframe

Animated gif via Gizmodo

Animated gif via Gizmodo

"He can be our wingman anytime." -Digg

"A roller coaster on steroids" -Popular Photography

"These Gorgeous Photos Were Taken at 500 MPG" -Huffington Post Arts & Culture

"Amazing video" -Steve's Digicams

"Videographer Jaron Schneider posted this video telling the story of Staff Sgt. Larry Reid, Jr. Reid is the official photographer for the Thunderbirds." -Military Times

"A new video produced by Jaron Schneider takes a detailed look at Reid's job, which has everyone here at DPReview insanely jealous (albeit a little queasy)." -DP Review

"The U.S. Air Force official photographer talks about how he keeps his cool."

"A high flying ride" -MSN

"Those of us stuck on the ground can get a taste of what it is like to actually be in the pilot's seat, navigating a supersonic machine and performing complicated maneuvers." -DailyDot

"Indulge in the video" -Imaging Resource

"This Is Probably The Closest You'll Come To Flying In An F-16" -Huffington Post

"Here come the G's!" -Spiegel Online Travel 

"Learn How the Thunderbirds' Aerial Shots are Made" -FlyingMag

"This video shows 'Face Melting' maneuvers inside an F-16 fighter jet." -Business Insider | Business Insider AU | Business Insider India

"What it's like to break the sound barrier in a Thunderbird F-16 jet." -Telegraph UK

Shared by the official YouTube Facebook account.

Shared by the official YouTube Facebook account.

"A new stomach-churning video has been posted on YouTube and shows a regular man flying in a Thunderbird F-16." -AOL UK

"You can just see it in his eyes. It's a combination of fear, disbelief in what he's seeing, discomfort and general awesomeness blended together." -Gizmodo

"Experience the G-Forces of an F-16." -Jalopnik

"The video... is downright crazy." -Photo District News

"This is what happens when you fly an F-16" -9Gag

"Photographer Takes a Ride in an F-16 with the Thunderbirds as a Little ‘Thank You’" -PetaPixel 

"As a guy in love with aviation, it’s easy to love this shoot. As a photographer, it’s hard not to." -SLR Lounge

"A hell of a ride." -FOCUS Online

"Left me speechless in my chair." -TVP

"The most amazing and terrifying experience." -Trome

"Strap Yourself in Tightly Before Taking a Heart-Pounding Ride With the Thunderbirds!" -The Blaze