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Casey Neistat Nails It Again: Why You NEED To Work a Crappy Job

Casey Neistat is basically one of my heroes, and his video blog is awesome (a video blog he only started this year). In this particular episode, I've skipped the video ahead to one segment that absolutely could not ring truer for me:

You see, I completely agree, especially when he gets to the part about "golden handcuffs." I used to work a rather easy job that I absolutely hated. Grey walls, horrible top-heavy management structure in a financial company I could honestly not possibly care less about. I did absolute doldrums work for years being forced to do things for people I not only didn't like, worse, I didn't respect. Maybe it's a problem with me, maybe not, but the fact of the matter is I hated that job, and hating that job burned a fiery passion inside of me, forcing me to think and dream daily of what I would rather be doing. 

Eventually, I quit (I also quit the job I had right after that one, which was basically a similar situation), and started doing what I wanted to do: being a San Francisco filmmaker. And it felt so good. But the only reason I did it and the only reason I was able to grasp how badly I wanted to do my own thing was because I was forced to do something I hated. 

I love the lesson Casey is teaching his son, and I would do the same for mine (if I had one) in a heartbeat.