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New Watch: 1976 Citizen Bullhead Automatic Chronograph

 So this is a bit of a look into my mind: I love watches. Unfortunately, many of the really awesome watches are outside of my price range. However, there are a choice few that are not only amazing, but affordable. My most recent acquisition? The 1976 Citizen Bullhead Automatic Chronograph.


Photo Jul 16, 4 20 16 PM (1).jpg

I purchased this watch from DC Vintage Watches, and it's exactly what I was expecting. If you're into watches, keep an eye on these guys. They have some pretty sweet stock of rare watches that are not only well-priced, but in great condition. 

I personally really love this watch because of the color, which many of you will probably find a bit ostentatious. It is very red, but I like red. With certain outfits, this is going to go great. 


Citizen Bullhead 2

The rally strap fits great with it. The guys at DC Vintage Watches matched the color of the dial with the strap extremely well.  

Citizen Bullhead 3

The term "bullhead" refers to the somewhat unorthodox placement of the crown and the pushes, above midnight instead of by three or nine o'clock.  

Photo Jul 16, 4 41 40 PM.jpg

All in all, it's an impressive watch that's reasonably accurate, especially for a watch of this age. It only loses about 14 seconds a day, which isn't too shabby. It's also small, which is great since many watches these days are double the size of this watch (44mm across is getting absurd).