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Redwood Credit Union Community Impact: From brief outline to finished project

For many projects, the vision for the completed project is in place well before the cameras come out of the bag. But sometimes, it's more about the feelings, emotions and vibe that you want to convey to the viewer more than the exact imagery and scripting. In a recently-completed project for my favorite Bay Area banking institution Redwood Credit Union, that's exactly the challenge with which we were met. 

Redwood Credit Union wanted to produce a video that would play in their newly-remodeled entry mall in their Santa Rosa administrative offices (that also doubles as a consumer bank location). After playing many of their customer stories produced by Schneider Productions, they realized that there was a missing piece to the story they wanted to tell about what they do for their members and their community. 

Redwood Credit Union invests an incredible amount of time and money back into the community, including raising funds for those devastated by the wildfires that rampaged through the north bay (millions were raised), invest in the county public school system, and donate their time and money to local food banks among a host of other involvements like their "Bite of Reality" series and their annual Shred-A-Thons. 

Over the course of four months, we were able to slowly evolve the desires of Redwood Credit Union from a concept into a completed project. We are very proud of this one, and are very happy with how we were able to combine the many skills we offer at Schneider Productions:

Timelapse: Much of what gives this video flow and movement is timelapse. When placed in a video alongside still photos, regular footage and slow motion footage, timelapse gives the viewer an idea of the passage of time, and also can show how many people are impacted by an event. In the case of this video, it serves all these purposes at different points in the edit. 

On-site video production: Originally tasked with just animating still photos, we eventually were asked to capture new, high-resolution videos to show Redwood Credit Union's involvement in the community. 

Custom graphics and animations: Whether it's the heart animation transition or custom infographics bringing life to titles, graphics and animations do a lot to add that extra special something to videos and better illustrate the impact of certain scenes. Our experience here allowed us to create graphics for Redwood Credit Union that are not just unique, but more importantly they are on-brand for the credit union. 

This was not an easy project, but it was fun in the challenges we faced with it. The Schneider Productions team was involved from start to finish, and the on-site, editing and graphics team all worked together to produce a the best video for Redwood Credit Union's administrative building.