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With Fiilex, It Was All About the Light

Part of what makes videos compelling is lighting. It sounds simple, but crafting the right light is a big part of what gives emotion to a scene. In interviews and documentaries, the lighting, when done right, looks natural and non-distracting. That was our goal for the Fiilex NAB 2018 video series. Though the several videos we were tasked to create were all about lights, for us it was all about the lighting. 

In the many scenes that we scripted to show different aspects of the Fillex product, be that their incredible facility in Richmond, CA or macro shots of the individual LED lights, we sculpted the light for each scene very specifically. Because we were creating a product for a company that makes cinema lighting, it was important for us to be the best possible example of what that light can do. 

We worked together with the engineering and photo/video teams at Fiilex to select and implement the best lighting for each scene, and the result is something we were all proud of. We were able to take a day's shoot and produce four different videos each with their own unique purpose so the Fiilex could get the most value out of their time. 

It was our goal to make products for Fiilex that not only are informative, but also look excellent and flow well too. When all was said and done, Fiilex let us know that we succeeded in that goal, and we're happy to have been of service.