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EDITOR TOP PICK: "Amazing video shows what happens when a normal man gets to fly in a Thunderbird F-16 - and his reaction is ASTOUNDING." -Daily Mail

"Incredible footage" -CNN

"The most alarming video of the week" -ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

"Creatives talk about their worst fears & conquering them in short film" -Design Taxi

"Creatives—especially freelancers—rely on a cornucopia of clichés to help navigate a career path defined by fear and uncertainty, and a new video packs them in nicely." -AdWeek

"The video may not make you feel better about your days taking school portraits of bratty teenagers, but it will at least give you a look at some of the crazy places photography can take you." -Gizmodo Reframe

Animated gif via Gizmodo

Animated gif via Gizmodo

"He can be our wingman anytime." -Digg

"A roller coaster on steroids" -Popular Photography

"The best flying experience ever, perfectly recreated" -Sploid

"These Gorgeous Photos Were Taken at 500 MPG" -Huffington Post Arts & Culture

"Amazing video" -Steve's Digicams

"Videographer Jaron Schneider posted this video telling the story of Staff Sgt. Larry Reid, Jr. Reid is the official photographer for the Thunderbirds." -Military Times

"A new video produced by Jaron Schneider takes a detailed look at Reid's job, which has everyone here at DPReview insanely jealous (albeit a little queasy)." -DP Review

"The U.S. Air Force official photographer talks about how he keeps his cool." -Index.hu

"A high flying ride" -MSN

"Those of us stuck on the ground can get a taste of what it is like to actually be in the pilot's seat, navigating a supersonic machine and performing complicated maneuvers." -DailyDot

"Indulge in the video" -Imaging Resource

"This Is Probably The Closest You'll Come To Flying In An F-16" -Huffington Post

"Here come the G's!" -Spiegel Online Travel 

"Learn How the Thunderbirds' Aerial Shots are Made" -FlyingMag

"This video shows 'Face Melting' maneuvers inside an F-16 fighter jet." -Business Insider | Business Insider AU | Business Insider India

"What it's like to break the sound barrier in a Thunderbird F-16 jet." -Telegraph UK

Shared by the official YouTube Facebook account.

Shared by the official YouTube Facebook account.

"A new stomach-churning video has been posted on YouTube and shows a regular man flying in a Thunderbird F-16." -AOL UK

"You can just see it in his eyes. It's a combination of fear, disbelief in what he's seeing, discomfort and general awesomeness blended together." -Gizmodo

"Experience the G-Forces of an F-16." -Jalopnik

"The video... is downright crazy." -Photo District News

"This is what happens when you fly an F-16" -9Gag

"Photographer Takes a Ride in an F-16 with the Thunderbirds as a Little ‘Thank You’" -PetaPixel 

"As a guy in love with aviation, it’s easy to love this shoot. As a photographer, it’s hard not to." -SLR Lounge

"A hell of a ride." -FOCUS Online

"Left me speechless in my chair." -TVP

"The most amazing and terrifying experience." -Trome

"Strap Yourself in Tightly Before Taking a Heart-Pounding Ride With the Thunderbirds!" -The Blaze