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Aerial & Timelapse

Bring Drama, Emotion and Big-Screen Production Value to Your Business

There are few techniques that bring big production value to any budget quite like timelapse and slow motion. Mixing the fast-paced look of timelapse and hyperlapse with slow motion highlights emotion and keeps viewers attached, giving you time to send your business's message clearly. 

Aerial Photography & Videography and Backplate Photography in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and New York

For real-estate, construction, wineries and landowners, often the best way to portray property is from the air. The unique angle is always a hit and places your beautiful buildings in the best possible light. In both San Francisco and Los Angeles, the traffic on the ground often overwhelms, but from the sky that traffic looks almost peaceful. The metropolitan nature of a city is highlighted and a soft glow of morning or sunset light showers a landscape in warmth. There are few better ways to highlight features, layout or geographical positioning than from the air. 

Though we do offer drone services, there are a great number of restrictions that fall on drone photography today and often I will recommend using a helicopter in lieu of conventional drones. Though they have their place, using a helicopter offers me and my team the ability to use better equipment and provide a better final project than can often be achieved with drones. We offer everything from drone, to gimbal-stabilized cameras to CINEFLEX shots for the highest-end look for the most discerning clients. 

When it comes to aerial work, we always operate within FAA guidelines and are happy to explain the possibilities for your particular project and if they fall within all laws, regulations, airspace restrictions and NOTAMs. Please feel free to reach out and inquire about specifics to your project to determine if they are realistic and if my services are a fit for you.