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Focused on Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Tech, Hospitality, Retail & Banking

Schneider Productions brings a personal, down-to-earth quality to to their work that tends to become forgotten with larger studios. This particular "personal touch" resonates with clients looking to connect on an emotional level with their clients, and isn't limited to a particular business size. Our clients range in size from self-funded startup to Fortune 500 companies with multi-billion dollar market caps. 

Our focus is on a streamlined workflow that offers slow motion and 4K video quality without sacrificing mobility and editing times. We are able to capture your story and message quickly and efficiently, and edit your project in a swift manner so you can get it in front of your audience with little down time. 

Built to scale, we operate with as few as one team member, but have the capability to bring in a full team of highly-skilled professionals to complete your specific vision. Location is not an issue, as we travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Seattle to New York and all across the country and around the world.